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Meizu founder J. Wong is popular among the Meizu users for his bad-tempered attitude. He used to condemn those criticized the Meizu devices. The founder himself had revealed the details on upcoming Meizu flagship through the forum.

The successor of Meizu MX3 is known as the Meizu MX4G, which was mentioned by J. Wong on forum. He said that the Meizu MX4G will have a 5.5-inch display with 2560 x 1536 pixel resolution.

From the statement by the founder, it isn’t hard to know that the fourth generation Meizu MX smartphone will support 4G LTE network connection. This is why it is known as the Meizu MX4G. Perhaps the official name is either Meizu MX4G or Meizu MX4 according to variant.

Since the details were mentioned by the founder himself, it is unlikely to be a fake info. The 2560 x 1536 pixel resolution will overtake the 2560 x 1400 of Vivo Xplay 3S. The Meizu MX4G is another smartphone from China with 4K display.

The Meizu MX4G is still under development and the device is expected to arrive in the second half of 2014. You will need at least six more months before the arrival of this 4G LTE flagship in the Chinese market.


]]> http://diggmobile.com/meizu-mx4g-with-5-5-inch-2560-x-1536-display-reveals-by-ceo/feed/ 0 BlackBerry CEO Writes Open Letter to All Enterprise Customers (Full Letter) http://diggmobile.com/blackberry-ceo-writes-open-letter-to-all-enterprise-customers-full-letter/ http://diggmobile.com/blackberry-ceo-writes-open-letter-to-all-enterprise-customers-full-letter/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 05:53:19 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3825 Continue Reading » ]]> BlackBerry Letter

Its nice to see that BlackBerry’s new CEO, John Chen, is not living under a rock. He realizes that many companies are capitalizing on BlackBerry’s current woes to squeeze more customers from BES. Chen has just released an open letter reassuring enterprise customers that BlackBerry is here to stay and is refocusing in a platform and technology they believe in. Here is what John Chen has sent out:

An Open Letter to Customers

To our valued enterprise customers and partners, you’re hearing a lot of noise in the market about BlackBerry®. MDM vendors are undoubtedly inviting you to webinars and enticing you to switch off your BES. We want to set the story straight about BlackBerry in the Enterprise, both for our existing customers and for those about to implement BYOD and MDM.

We are very much alive, thank you

Our “for sale” sign has been taken down and we are here to stay. BlackBerry recently announced it has entered into an agreement to receive a strategic investment from Fairfax Financial and other institutional investors, which represents a vote of confidence in the future of BlackBerry.

The investments you’ve made in BlackBerry infrastructure and solutions are secure. I will keep the lines of communication open as we navigate through this transition.

We’re going back to our heritage and roots – delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions. As we refocus back to our roots, BlackBerry will target four areas: handsets, EMM solutions, cross-platform messaging, and embedded systems. And, just as important, we will continue to invest in enterprise and security related R&D during our restructuring period.

In short, reports of our death are greatly exaggerated.

Setting the record straight: We will manage all devices

We’re serious about multi-platform MDM and even more serious about multi-platform EMM. We deliberately moved to a new platform with BES10 last year. Making this change enables us to manage all devices, turbo-charge BYOD initiatives, and provide the very best management experience.

Our competitors want you to think that BES only manages BlackBerry devices, and that we are somehow more expensive than other MDMs. This is false.

We understand the realities of the enterprise mobility market better than anyone, and we’re in the game for the long term. We’ve been investing in enterprise mobility management – for any device – and thanks to customers like you, we’re doing very well. Here’s the proof:

Our EMM customer base is much larger than any of the other vendors in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for         Mobile Device Management – and is growing.

We manage more mobile devices than any other vendor. Period.

We move more secure mobile data than anyone else.

We have substantial cash and are not a small VC-backed “pure play” MDM player seeking additional funds every year.

Security is not debatable – regardless of the device

BYOD users may be able to bring any device to work, but it’s our job to ensure the risk doesn’t follow them in. Whether you’re deploying corporate-owned iPads or allowing BYOD Android™ devices, security is paramount.

We have more certifications from government agencies than any other vendor and we’re the only EMM vendor and handset maker to receive the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification.

Governments, global corporations and organizations that will not compromise on security continue to choose and trust BlackBerry.

BES10 is your future Enterprise Mobility Solution

We know that BlackBerry devices are not for everyone. That’s OK.

As we committed to earlier – we are more than just a device company. Today, BES10 supports multi-platform MDM, mobile application management and security. We have also made it as easy and low cost as possible for you to trial and deploy BES10.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to have an open conversation with you. Keep an eye out for an EMM Realities webcast series where we will drill down into the key areas in this letter. In the meantime, I want your feedback on how we can better serve your EMM needs.

I believe in BlackBerry and I’m confident in our future in enterprise, our technology and our ability to adapt to changing market needs.



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Arctic Eggspedition update for Angry Birds Seasons added to Google Play http://diggmobile.com/arctic-eggspedition-update-for-angry-birds-seasons-added-to-google-play/ http://diggmobile.com/arctic-eggspedition-update-for-angry-birds-seasons-added-to-google-play/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 05:37:50 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3823 Continue Reading » ]]> angry_birds_seasons_app_icon

Angry Birds fans who are ready to enjoy the holiday season in the game may want to check out the latest update to the Angry Birds Seasons app. Rovio uses this version of Angry Birds as a way to make special levels available based on a variety of holidays and festive seasons from around the world, like Halloween or the Chinese New Year celebration. Their latest update, released today, adds several new goodies called Arctic Eggspedition.

Rovio adds 25 new levels, plus 4 bonus levels, to the title with this latest update. The new levels are based on the Advent calendar with each new level being unlocked one per day leading up to Christmas. If you just cannot wait for each new level to be unlocked over the course of the next few weeks, Rovio has included an option to unlock them immediately via an in-app purchase. Along with the new levels, Angry Birds Seasons includes a new arctic theme with large blocks of ice; snowy, icy, frosty backgrounds; Christmas trees and other holiday decorations; and piggies wearing hoods to keep them warm until their demise at the hand of an angry bird.

If you want to check out the holiday cheer as envisioned by the Angry Birds, use one of the download links below. Please note that Rovio indicates there is a bug in the program causing it to crash, but they are working on a solution. You can also check out some screen shots below and a video showing magician Simon Pierro introducing the new additions to Angry Birds Seasons to people on the streets.

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Droid Store 3rd Party Google Play Client for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v2 http://diggmobile.com/droid-store-3rd-party-google-play-client-for-blackberry-10-updated-to-v2/ http://diggmobile.com/droid-store-3rd-party-google-play-client-for-blackberry-10-updated-to-v2/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 05:21:20 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3821 Continue Reading » ]]> DroidStore DroidStore2

Those of you on the latest leaked OS 10.2.1 should check out Droid Store. The developer put out an update over the Thanksgiving holiday and its a whopper. It is packing some goodies though sadly it still cannot download paid apps or sign in to the Google Play store. The coolest part is that they have added a comment system so users can report back how apps are working. This versions change log includes :

Supports In-App Downloading, Downloading Speed, Direct Install in the App, Favorites System, Comments System, Featured Applications, Stable Downloading with 2 Download Sources, Paid and Free Indicators, OTA Droid Store BAR Updates, Change Dark or Light Theme. Search and Refresh. Remove Downloaded APKS. You can see the Size of the App, Ratings, Description, Icon in Full Screen, Checks if Paid or Free App. View Developers Apps, View the app overview in Google Play.

You have to sideload Droid Store here and after that you can download away. Check out the details in the developers CrackBerry forums thread.


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Vivo Xplay 3S to be available in five color versions http://diggmobile.com/vivo-xplay-3s-to-be-available-in-five-color-versions/ http://diggmobile.com/vivo-xplay-3s-to-be-available-in-five-color-versions/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 05:03:59 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3819 Continue Reading » ]]> Expected to be officially unveiled in China on December 12, theVivo Xplay 3S smartphone has appeared in a leaked image which suggests that it may come in no less than five color versions: blue, champagne gold, yellow, pink, and white.

The Xplay 3S is bound to become the world’s first commercially available smartphone that has a 2560 x 1440 pixels display (5.5 inches). It will run Android – an unspecified version – reportedly featuring a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM 8974AB processor (the same that’s powering some Xiaomi Mi3 variants), 3GB of RAM, TD-LTE connectivity, and a rear camera with large aperture (f/1.8).

Vivo Xplay 3S colors 1

It’s not clear what kind of battery the Xplay 3S will pack. But a 2560 x 1440 pixel screen definitely needs a lot of juice to provide a smooth user experience, so it’s likely a battery of at least 3,000 mAh. The price of the Vivo Xplay 3S is also a mystery, although “around $500″ is probably a good guess.

Another smartphone with a crazily high screen resolution that should be released in China in the near future is theMeizu MX4. It’s said that this will sport a 5.5 inch display with 2560 x 1536 pixels.

Non-Chinese hardware makers – including Samsung – will have handsets with 2K displays only starting next year.

Via Weibo (registration required), RBMen

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Motorola to retry Moto X promotion following Moto Maker site issues http://diggmobile.com/motorola-to-retry-moto-x-promotion-following-moto-maker-site-issues/ http://diggmobile.com/motorola-to-retry-moto-x-promotion-following-moto-maker-site-issues/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 04:52:29 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3817 Continue Reading » ]]> Moto X Moto Maker

Did you try to take advantage of Motorola’s $150 Moto X discount today, only to be met with site issues and disappointment? You’re not alone, friend, but I’ve got some bright news that ought to end your Cyber Monday with a smile. Motorola has announced that it will retry its Moto X offer again at 12:00 p.m. ET this Wednesday, Dec. 4, and then again on Monday, Dec. 9. The company says that it also plans to double the amount of devices available in order to meet demand.

In case you missed the original announcement, Motorola’s promo knocked $150 off the price of any no contract Moto X, including units customized through Moto Maker. Apparently the Moto Maker website wasn’t quite prepared for the rush of smartphone-hungry Cyber Monday shoppers, though, and so many folks are ending the day without a Moto X to call their own. The good news is that Motorola will be running its promo again two more times in the next week to make up for the problems, giving today’s would-be buyers second and third cracks at the sale. Here’s to hoping that the only thing on Motorola’s agenda for tomorrow is to reinforce the Moto Maker site.

Did you try to buy a discounted Moto X today? If so, were you able to get an order through?

Source: @Motorola (1)(2)(3)

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Last Month to Trade Up BES 5.0 Licenses to BES 10 Perpetual Licenses http://diggmobile.com/last-month-to-trade-up-bes-5-0-licenses-to-bes-10-perpetual-licenses/ http://diggmobile.com/last-month-to-trade-up-bes-5-0-licenses-to-bes-10-perpetual-licenses/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 04:41:15 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3815 Continue Reading » ]]> Tradeup

We mentioned this when BlackBerry announced it but their program to convert BES 5.0 licenses to BES 10 licenses for free is ending shortly. The program is set to expire at the end of the year and requires you to not only convert the license but also activate a phone on that license for it to become perpetual. The licenses you convert are only temporary until you actually activate them before the end of the year.

It should be interesting to see if BlackBerry ends this promotion or continues it after the end of the year. Check out the details here.

Thanks Dmitri for pointing this out!


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Koush’s AllCast is now on the Play Store; Let’s you cast just about anything to your TV http://diggmobile.com/koushs-allcast-is-now-on-the-play-store-lets-you-cast-just-about-anything-to-your-tv/ http://diggmobile.com/koushs-allcast-is-now-on-the-play-store-lets-you-cast-just-about-anything-to-your-tv/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 04:28:26 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3813 Continue Reading » ]]> allcast

Over the months, Koush from the CyanogenMod team has constantly teased us about AllCast – an app that would allow Android users to stream content from their device to just about any TV connected device. This includes Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Google TVs and other such devices.

Today, Koush has officially released AllCast on the Play Store under the Beta tag. Since the program is in beta, readers will need to join thisGoogle+ community before they can download the app from the Play Store. AllCast does not require root access to work, and can stream content to virtually any device connected to your TV.

Below is the list of supported device on the app description page -:

* Roku
* Apple TV
* Xbox 360, Xbox One
* Samsung Smart TVs
* Panasonic Smart TVs
* Google TV (Logitech Revue, etc)
* DLNA Renderers

The only notable omission from the above list is the Google Chromecast, but I am pretty sure support for the device will be added once the final SDK of this HDMI media streamer is released.

The app has a pretty barebones UI, but ultimately it gets the job done just fine. AllCast might not work perfectly with all the Android devices, so do make sure to drop in your issues with the app on the Google+ community so that the developer can look into it.


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BlackBerry “Going Back to Heritage & Roots” With Focus on Four Areas http://diggmobile.com/blackberry-going-back-to-heritage-roots-with-focus-on-four-areas/ http://diggmobile.com/blackberry-going-back-to-heritage-roots-with-focus-on-four-areas/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 04:09:27 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3811 Continue Reading » ]]> BES 10

I found John Chen, Interm CEO of BlackBerry, quite frank in his latest open letter to enterprise customers. What I found most interesting is that it is the first time he has said much about strategy for BlackBerry. In the open letter he put in the following points:

We’re going back to our heritage and roots – delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions. As we refocus back to our roots, BlackBerry will target four areashandsetsEMM solutionscross-platform messaging, andembedded systems. And, just as important, we will continue to invest in enterprise and security related R&D during our restructuring period.

In other words it seems like BlackBerry is doubling down on enterprise grade (but not enterprise only) mobile solutions while still making handsets. They are also going to keep playing in the regulated EMM field along with cross platform BBM, and QNX embedded systems.

What I am really hoping for from John Chen is a heart to heart with regular BlackBerry consumers who are not enterprise customers. We are wondering what you have in store for us…


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Samsung, Qualcomm, NVIDIA And Broadcom To Unveil 64-bit Chipsets In 2014 http://diggmobile.com/samsung-qualcomm-nvidia-and-broadcom-to-unveil-64-bit-chipsets-in-2014/ http://diggmobile.com/samsung-qualcomm-nvidia-and-broadcom-to-unveil-64-bit-chipsets-in-2014/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 03:53:57 +0000 http://localhost/test1/?p=3809 Continue Reading » ]]> Apple A7
Again, Apple successfully opened up the mobile chipset market with its 64-bit chipset in the iPhone 5S. Other chipset manufacturers are set to follow the trend set by Apple and will introduce 64-bit chipsets in next year.

Samsung was the first to announce that it will adopt 64-bit processing architecture in mobile chipset. Probably, we will see Samsung Exynos chipset before the second half of 2014. Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Broadcom are other manufacturers that will join the 64-bit chipset camp as well.

64-bit chipset sounds better and gives better perception to buyers. However, the 64-bit chipset will not improve the device if the operating system and applications don’t support it. This means the 64-bit is just a marketing tool if the OS and apps don’t have such capability.

64-bit mobile chipset could be the trend in 2014 but never leave out octa-core. The Samsung Exynos 5 Octa being outperformed by Snapdragon 800, which is a quad-core chipset, in this year. However, Taiwanese firm MediaTek had introduced the self-claimed first true octa-core mobile processor, MT6592. More than five Chinese manufacturers had expressed their interests in it.

Manufacturers may adopt 64-bit mobile chipset in their flagships while octa-core-powered devices are in the emerging markets. It is very interesting to observe the mobile chipset market in next year.


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